Frequently Asked Questions

Have you been thinking about booking a photo shoot this year? Here are some questions that you might have as well.

Are you working at the moment or have you been affected by the lockdown?

As my services fall under non-essential services, my standard photo sessions are postponed and I cannot meet families at the moment. 

When can we meet for a photo shoot again?

When the restrictions are lowered to level 4, I will be able to meet families preferably outdoors. When visitors are permitted to households, indoor photoshoots can be booked again. For both outdoor and indoor photo shoots, I have a number of safety measures in place and share these with my families before the photo shoot.

We would like to book a session for the time when restrictions are lowered, how can we do so and when shall we get in touch?

I can take only a certain number of sessions each month. In other words this means that if you are interested in a session with me e.g. in March-April, you can pre-reserve a session and I will get in touch as soon as the restrictions are lifted with concrete dates and times. These pre-reservations are important especially if you would like to have a photo shoot at the weekend. Please see below my updated availability for months that are almost fully pre-booked:

March – 1 weekend pre-reservation left

June – 2 weekend pre-reservations left

How can I pre-book (pre-reserve) a session?

When you get in touch and you are happy with my Price Guide, I will send you a Booking Form Proposal with all the details on my sessions and booking. When restrictions are lifted, I will be in touch with concrete slots and you can choose the one which would suit your family the most. 

Is there a deposit to be paid to reserve a session?

I have a booking fee of 50 EUR to be paid to reserve a session, this fee goes towards your session fee. This fee does not apply to families who have a voucher for my sessions as this is already included in the fee.

I have a voucher, do I still need to pre-book a session?

Yes, if you have a voucher for my services, please get in touch at least 6 weeks before the time you would like to meet for a photo shoot. 

We reserved an outdoor photo shoot, but what if it rains?

Well, we live in Ireland and we can be sometimes really surprised by the weather. At each week and weekend I keep time for re-scheduled sessions. If it rains on our day, or if it is e.g. too windy and we need to reschedule, I will offer you alternative dates and times close to our original date.

What are your sessions like?

I think the best summary of my work is done by my previous clients. Please feel free to read some reviews my clients have left on my Google page, you can also click HERE.

If you would like to know more about my sessions and prices, please get in touch for my brochure. 


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