September Sunsets

Oct 3, 2020 | FAMILY MAGIC, Our Little Stories, Outdoor Adventures

The September sunsets were so beautiful this year and my youngest one joined the family camera club as well. When looking at these photos, I still feel the Indian summer on our shoulders, the tan on our arms, feet and noses. We still believe the days will be as long as the September ones, but Halloween stuff will be on the agenda shortly and Christmas decorations are popping up at shops already, although it is only October.

But I am still lost in our September, the warm sunset light, the golden hour. The summer is still with us in my phone photographs and when I feel too cold, I have a quick scroll through our summer memories.

Keep calm and stay optimistic. The summer will be back, the normal life before Covid-19 will be back one day too and there is no harm in enjoying the terrible Irish autumn weather as well, just order a Kindle if you don’t have one yet and lots of ebooks too!

Socks, tea and hot chocolate on every day agenda from now!


September Sunsets

October 3, 2020