Jenny, Rubens Baby and the importance of play

Oct 23, 2022 | Brand Photography, FAMILY MAGIC

I know how hard it is to go the long way from an idea in your head to the actual execution of it and I totally applaud anyone who brings their ideas to actions. This was one of the reasons we met with Jenny to take some photos not only of her family, but also of the educational toys she co-developed.ย 

Meet Jenny Hillier, the co-founder of Rubens Baby concept, and I am really honoured that I can let you know here on my blog a little bit more about the great opportunities Rubens Baby Dolls offer to our children through role-play and other playful and enjoyable activities.

And if you are asking the question, how exactly can Rubens Baby help? Here are a few useful details and also links to other websites where you can find out more.

The aim of the concept with Rubens Baby Dolls is to facilitate play-based learning for children. Play-based learning provides children with opportunities to learn new skills by actively interacting with people, objects and the environment around them. We all learn the best when we can try out the activity or a skill and it is the same with our children. Rubens Baby concept and the other accessories that can be purchased with the dolls show children and parents that learning is fun and that play and role-play has a key place in children’s development. On top of that, play-based learning with Rubens Baby Dolls can also help with areas like emotional intelligence, body awareness, pretend play and oral language skills.ย 

During our photo shoot, we were chatting with Jenny about the concept of the role-play and the need to teach our children about emotions, about feelings that are part of our lives when we are small or โ€˜bigโ€™ adults too.

I truly believe that we learn best through playing or doing and through communication and connection with others. I am really so happy I could take some portrait photos for Jenny and everyone behind the Rubens Baby concept. If you are interested to know more, please feel free to visit the websites and check the links below.

To know more about Jenny Hillier, a Speech and Language Therapist and the Clinical Director of Jenny Hillier Speech Therapy Services, in Co. Kildare, Ireland, please visit her website here:

You can also view this short video summarising the benefits of the play with Rubens Baby:

Rubens Barn Dolls

Rubens Barn dolls have been developed to help increase creativity and empathy as well as self-awareness through play:

And now, enjoy these photographs which I hope will help Jenny and the team spread the word about the brilliant work they do!

Michaela xx



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Jenny, Rubens Baby and the importance of play

October 23, 2022