Family Memories from St. Enda’s Park

Last year in January 2020 I thought this would be finally the year when I would focus on natural newborn photography and Fresh 48 Hours sessions in maternity hospitals, but little did I know. Covid-19 came in March and honestly I thought my photography dreams were over. This is the end, no more newborn sessions, I had in my mind. There were a few months where I couldn’t schedule any sessions with my clients and I couldn’t see a future for my photography business.

But April 2020 brought us some lovely weather, things were coming to normality again and to my surprise, inquiry emails were coming back in about my family photography. I still could not meet families indoors but parks were open again and the beautiful spring season just started. 

To cut long story short, I think in 2020 I fully transformed from an indoor family photographer to the one seeking beauty and adventures outdoors. I realised that there are so many lovely locations where I can not only take beautiful photos for families but also families and their children can really enjoy the place and have some fun too. 

I have been learning a lot about outdoor locations, the light during the day, the golden hour and the dynamics of outdoor family sessions. I feel I have found something my families can really enjoy and benefit from: beautiful natural backdrops, easy and relaxed photo shoots and great places children can explore and enjoy.

Here is one example of an outdoor family photo session in St. Enda’s Park. (St. Enda’s Park with Dollymount Strand are on the top of my list for family photography in Dublin). These photos were taken on one sunny and chilly morning in December and what a lovely morning we had! Amazing light, almost no visitors in the park and my fantastic clients. Enjoy the photographs here and if you wish to learn a bit more about my sessions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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"Michaela Mac Donnell came to our house one sunny Sunday morning and spent a few hours with us capturing our life as a new family. She is such a lovely person and so easy to work with. It was like having a friend in the house as opposed to a stranger and she just observed us and took photos, with as little intervention as possible. Her use of natural light, beautiful composition and ability to capture the best of us meant I got exactly what I was looking for and far more beyond that. Thank you Michaela.

Charlotte M.

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