5 reasons to visit St. Enda’s Park with your family

When it comes to Covid-19 and all the restrictions we have been facing in 2020, I think we have also learned some good things. For my family it certainly is the appreciation of the beautiful country we live in and the amazing outdoor places we have near our home or just a few kilometres away. 

We live very close to two great parks: Marlay Park and also St. Enda’s Park (both parks in Dublin 16). We love visiting both, but I think St. Enda’s Park is probably a bit like the forgotten little brother of Marlay Park. We spend time in St. Enda’s Park almost every weekend and I have written down a few reasons why I think you could really benefit from a visit to this park even if you do not live near by. All photographs in this post were taken there when I met families for a family photo shoot, so if you would like to get some park memories for your family too, do not hesitate to get in touch and click HERE.

1. Small but big enough

St. Enda’s Park is really a compact park, you do not have to walk too much to view the whole park. There is a path along the park walls so you can have either nice stroll with the buggie or a walk with your little ones.

2. Spots children love

As you walk along in this park, you will realise there are so many great spots you can just stop with your children and let them play and explore.

3.  Great place for picnics and other outdoor activities

When the weather is good, bring the picnic blanket!

4. Beautiful flowers and trees

You can also visit the walled gardens near the Pearse Museum and you can admire the lovely plants and blossom almost all year round. 

5. Coffee Shop

For those mums and dads who live on coffee as I do! Yes, there is a coffee shop where you can just grab your coffee and enjoy the park that little bit more. It is situated in the courtyard and you can also buy there some drinks or snacks.

So if you are sometimes wondering what shall I do with my little ones at the weekend, then put St. Enda’s Park on your wish list. It is really a great place for families with small children as there are so many lovely spots for either playing some outdoor activities, picnics or just a nice walk in beautiful scenery (and with a coffee in hand too if needed).

And lastly it is also a place where you can learn more about the Irish history in the Pearse Museum.

If you would like to view one of the slideshows I prepare for my clients, please click below:

To view a slideshow video LIFE WITH THINY HUMANS IN ST. ENDA’S PARK – click here


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