Alone on an Irish beach

A beach … I sometimes wonder what kind of images or associations come to people’s mind when they hear the word. Sunny and hot weather? The scent of sun lotion in the air? Or crowds of people trying to get a tiny piece of the sandy land for their bright and colourful towels?

When I think about a beach, I think about the Irish beach. I feel the wind in my hair, the wet sand beneath my shoes, watching my boys running around. Here they are, the images I carry in my mind when I hear the word “beach”, a few photos from a December trip to Dollymount Strand.

Always in love with the tones and colours. Only keeping up with my boys is getting harder each year. This is also my favourite location for a family photo session, you can click HERE to see more photos.


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Dollymount Strand Memories

Dollymount Strand Memories

One of my favourite locations for family photography in Dublin is Dollymount Strand. It is a great place for children where they can have lots of fun, explore and run wild and free. This is the place where you do not have to worry about any misbehaviour or tantrums. I...

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you been thinking about booking a photo shoot this year? Here are some questions that you might have as well. Are you working at the moment or have you been affected by the lockdown? As my services fall under non-essential services, my standard photo sessions are...

"Michaela Mac Donnell came to our house one sunny Sunday morning and spent a few hours with us capturing our life as a new family. She is such a lovely person and so easy to work with. It was like having a friend in the house as opposed to a stranger and she just observed us and took photos, with as little intervention as possible. Her use of natural light, beautiful composition and ability to capture the best of us meant I got exactly what I was looking for and far more beyond that. Thank you Michaela.

Charlotte M.

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