Meeting little Andy and Emma from Life with Tiny Humans

A few weeks ago, a photo of a newborn baby caught my eye on Instagram. So I clicked on the picture and reached the account of Life With Tiny Humans by Emma O’Leary for the first time. As I was for a while thinking of offering my photography services to other parents, I thought it would be nice to get an opinion on my photography from somebody not involved in my circle of family/friends. I gained some courage and emailed Emma, a new mum of three boys, with a lifestyle/natural newborn photography offer. To my great surprise and relief as well, Emma said yes and we arranged to meet in her house for the photo session.

Meeting Emma felt like meeting an old friend whom I had not seen for a while, the conversation moved from college and travels to nap times, breastfeeding and tantrums in supermarkets. So we were chatting away and I was taking pictures of baby Andy and his gorgeous mum. Later when the bigger boys, Luke and Olly, were showing me their playroom, I just wanted to ask them: guys can I move in too? I was admiring their playroom and how stylish the boys looked, I felt a bit like Deirdre Whelan or Hugh Wallace from Home of the Year when entering different rooms in Emma’s house, saying sentences to myself like a fantastic use of space! I love these frames! The chalk paint is brilliant! Look at the armchair!

To cut long story short, meeting Emma and her family exceeded my expectations click here to read about her experience with Little Things Photography and check out Emma’s blog www.lifewithtinyhumans. It is full of great inspiration, helpful parental tips and amazing ideas you can create for your home or try with your little ones. (One of my favourite posts is The ultimate rainy day activities for kids, the masking tape race course is just fantastic!)

Emma shares great tips and ideas for family life also on her Instagram and Facebook account. So don’t miss out.

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