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To me a family photo session is a celebration of love and life. Love, the invisible link holding us together, often forgotten in the ordinary busy days. Life, the river that never stops flowing and sometimes runs just that little bit too fast. Let’s go with the flow and celebrate the here and now with our loved ones, our children, little or big, our nanas and grandads, dogs or cats, hamsters or  gold fishes. I will capture the important stuff, the little smiles and big personalities, the wild souls and messy hair, the spontaneous cuddles and cheeky looks, the silly faces and eyes wide open. But most importantly, I will take photos of you, dear mums! As we should not be absent from our photographs. Each photo I take carries a piece of my heart and I hope yours will fall in love with the images I will take of you and your family.” – Michaela Mac Donnell (Little Things Photography)


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Family Memories from St. Enda’s Park

Family Memories from St. Enda’s Park

Last year in January 2020 I thought this would be finally the year when I would focus on natural newborn photography and Fresh 48 Hours sessions in maternity hospitals, but little did I know. Covid-19 came in March and honestly I thought my photography dreams were...

Michaela xx

"Michaela Mac Donnell came to our house one sunny Sunday morning and spent a few hours with us capturing our life as a new family. She is such a lovely person and so easy to work with. It was like having a friend in the house as opposed to a stranger and she just observed us and took photos, with as little intervention as possible. Her use of natural light, beautiful composition and ability to capture the best of us meant I got exactly what I was looking for and far more beyond that. Thank you Michaela.

Charlotte M.

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